8 Camera Security SystemSpecial Offer

8 Channel Qsee

After Install Price:  $99999

8 Camera 1 Tb Security SystemSpecial Offer

Supervise your area with the use of the Lorex Eco2 LH1361001C8B Security Camera System.  This amazing camera system comes with 16 available channels and includes eight bullet cameras. Each camera owns a 1/3" Color Image Sensor, capturing motion in 660 TVL resolution. The Lorex Eco2 LH1361001C8B Security Camera System is capable of shooting clear night vision video clips with a range of up to 100", and it stores lots of captured media in its 1TB hard drive as well. Guarantee optimal surveillance 24/7 with the Lorex Eco2 LH1361001C8B Security Camera System.

16 Channel RevoAfter Install Price:  $139999

What It Is And Why You Need:

16-channel Security Camera System; monitor several areas with impressive surveillance

8x Bullet Cameras; captures video using a 1/3" Color Image Sensor

660 TVL resolution; delivers a high-quality video format

1TB HDD; stores videos for day to day documentation

100" Night Vision Range; capture motion in dark areas within a broad range

8 Channel 8 Camera Security SystemSpecial Offer

16 Channel Revo

After Install Price:  $92999

4 Camera 4 Channel Security SystemSpecial Offer

This 4 channel / 4 camera Video Security System comes with pre-installed 500GB hard drive. This DVR will allow you to record and playback your videos in D1 resolution at 30 frames per second.† You will have peace of mind knowing that you can access the system on your Smartphone, Tablet, PC or MAC, no matter where you are located in the world.† You will have true 24/7 video security day and night with real-time motion activated email alerts and easy Smartphone access.†

16 Channel RevoAfter Install Price:  $59999

This Security System supports easy back-up via USB port (easily extruding video clips to a thumb drive) or an external hard disk drive and can be networked in both static and dynamic IP modes. Users can remotely view live images or search the recorded data via the internet or a mobile phone. This system can be controlled by mouse or remote controller. The professional quality and features of this complete system in a box has advanced recording features such as event, motion and alarm detection functions, which can be set with e-mail notification to alert and inform you effectively and efficiently. The system even has room to grow by having the capability to add eight additional cameras, including professional pan-tilt-zoom cameras. Advanced. Intelligent. Video Surveillance.

Wireless Security SystemSpecial Offer

The Lorex Eco Digital Wireless Security Camera System is the perfect home or business surveillance solution that youíve been waiting for. The Eco provides robust surveillance features and functionality without breaking the bank. Featuring eight channels, four digital wireless security cameras, we have eliminated the need for unsightly extension cables. Remote viewing on your PC, Mac or smarphone means that you will never miss an important event, as you can view everything from the palm of your hand. The Eco Digital Wireless Security Camera System presents a truly versatile and economical security solution. Connect the Eco DVR to a PC monitor, TV or security monitor. In fact, you can connect up to three monitors simultaneously. If you need more storage, the hard drive can be expanded from the included 500GB to up to 2TB!

16 Channel RevoAfter Install Price: $99999

Life today can get very busy. You donít have the time to figure out how to hook up a complicated security camera system. The Lorex Eco Digital Wireless Security Camera System eliminates the complexity by giving you a quick and easy installation process. Simply plug the Eco DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to a monitor, plug in the cameraís power supply and connect the wireless receiver to the back of the DVR and youíre ready to go. The cameras wirelessly send the video signal to the DVR, eliminating the need for messy extension cables. FHSS Digital Wireless Technology provides excellent image quality and clarity. Improved long-range operation is provided thanks to the camerasí high gain antennas.

Digital Wireless cameras offer many benefits over standard wired security cameras including fast, easy, and affordable installation. However, the limitations of digital wireless cameras may not make them ideal for your environment. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of both wired and wireless security cameras and select the solution that best suits your needs.